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Before I leave Philippines, someone made a very special “pabaon” (memorable gift) for me. He asked me to meet him before I board on the plane, so we both decided to have chocolate together in a coffee shop near my place. He along with his sister meet me at around seven in the morning. I thought he will just give me a stuff penguin (since I’m calling him penguin for the past 5 years). After me and his sister bought our orders, he surprised me with a RING…

Its my very first time to receive a golden ring with a DIAMOND. I was really shocked, then tears crippled on my face because I know that I would be leaving for just few hours. And now, just like our parents, we are having a long distance relationship. Hoping and praying we could surpass all the trials that might come. We will both be waiting to be back in each others arms again.  

-ducknotes :) 

The word above is a very HUGE word. It was not included in my vocabulary before but from now on it comes first. I grew up living with my family for the past 22 years and now I think it is time for me to experience being away from them. And the best thing that had happen this year, my application for working overseas is approved. I will now work at a foreign country. At first I was really excited and thrilled about the news yet it makes me realized that I will be leaving my loved ones. :( But I need to prove to myself that I can overcome this new challenge with flying colors.

I need to be independent: cook my own food, wash and iron my clothes, go to the grocery and market to buy my own food- in short to live without the help of others.

Now, I’m looking forward for this new adventure.

And later I’ll be sharing with you my grocery outfit for the day. :)

Look at the time. In the Philippines its my time to go elsewhere and bond with few of my friends but here in Singapore its time to eat our lunch. Super duper late. One of adjustment so far.

Look at the time. In the Philippines its my time to go elsewhere and bond with few of my friends but here in Singapore its time to eat our lunch. Super duper late. One of adjustment so far.


Singapore welcome me the third time with a blast. Unlike the first two visit here in Singapore, this time I’m back for work. Hoping and praying that I could surpass this new challenge- being away from my family and love ones and coping with new cultures and people. :) This is it for now.

January is now over and lot of things had happen during that month. Let’s have a quick recap..

First event was of course: New Year


Highlight for this day was my first ever yellow cake. It was my first time baking experience and take note I didn’t use any baking equipment.

School’s Highlight on the other hand was our Quiz Bee 2013. Poured so much time making questions for this friendly competition among preschoolers. Yet I’m still proud of all my Chikitings who have participated on it. They are all winners for me. Yey!


And before January ends, I got a stress free date with Love :> Watched Hansel and Gretel (great movie indeed) and ate at our favorite fast food resto: WHAM Burgers. 



Oh please I need some motivation to finish school work load. Until now I’m still stuck up with my checklist.

I even thought it’s Friday today. ugh. Oh please Lord God help me :s

FACT: Boys fell in love in just 3 dates, while girls fell in love after 14 dates. :)

Oh my, that’s why I miss having dates with him. 


Since we both got busy schedules we couldn’t meet up :( Hoping next week we could meet for a simple date. :)


It’s been a while and oh I really miss blogging. 

Anyway, wanna greet all people out there a very Happy New Year *though its quite late*

For this year I didn’t make any plans/ resolution since I didn’t received any planner/ calendar for 2013. So be it! Come what may. :) 

I really dunno what to post today so I randomly type what ever that pops in my head. (bear with me please)

Maybe tomorrow I could settle for a certain topic, so chao for now or some may say Ta-ta! :)


Another extravagant november event :) Career Day 2012. 

Another extravagant november event :) Career Day 2012. 


-and it’s keeping me busy… :/

visited the grave of our loved ones. :D

** then in just a week i celebrate my birthday :)

school celebration with my babies :)

then a perfect dinner date with P! <3

**when morning came… 

attended a retreat with the whole faculty and staff and went straight to my sister’s retreat graduation and welcome the newly mandaluyong chapter bnp youth ministry. :D

**a week after..

we have a simple welcome party for the newly grads :) 

** on the next night..

celebrated my birthday with …. my family…. :)

more events to come..

-ducknotes :D

Here are ending events for july.

Our school held a mini cooking show last July 27, 2012 as a culminating activity for the nutrition month. Invited a guest chef which was a friend of mine.

Last July 28, 2012- Our principal held a seminar for us teachers to update us from the trending K to 12 program. The speaker was Mr. Nicholas Galvez.

July 29- Dine, Shop and Movie with the whole family. Ate at Cajun for lunch, French Baker for Meryenda and Chowking for dinner. We also watch The Dark Knight Rises and bought some goodies.


Went to Muntinlupa to visit aunt’s house and granny’s lot. 

pink sleeveless from Land’s End

skirt from BHS

brown slim belt from Landmark

shoes from Marks and Spencer


I really feel different when I’m wearing make-up. I feel ugly when I’m wearing one! (weird)